Jura Impressa J90 Coffee Machine Review










        • Aroma + Grinder
        • Fine Froth Technology
        • TFT (Thin Film Transistor) display
        • Large Water Chamber
        • Professional Thermoblock
        • Height and width-adjustable coffee spout
        • Customizable coffee settings
        • Bypass doser
        • Integrated rinsing, cleaning and descaling program
        • Large Capacity Spent Grind Chamber


        • Expensive
        • Milk froth doesn’t get very hot

        Silver is the new black.

        The Jura J90 breaks with Jura’s signature shiny, black bean-to-cup one touch coffee machine with their understated silver model.

        As sleek and modern as the black models are in their line up of automatic coffee machines, there is something to be said about the understated silver model J90.

        Of course, it doesn’t really matter what the machine looks like. It’s the coffee that counts. Anybody familiar with Jura coffee machines will understand that they make an exceptional cup of espresso with total ease of use.

        In this review of the Jura J90, I will walk you through the various features and demonstrate what makes this one touch coffee machine so great.

        What’s good about the Jura J90?

        Aroma+ Grinder

        • Grinds beans in half the time, more quietly and extracts more flavor
        • Pre infusion extracts more of the bean’s essential oils

        Fine Froth Technology

        • Automatic steamed milk dispenses with adjustable settings for fine or frothy milk
        • A dial allows you to change the density of the foam on the fly

        TFT (Thin Film Transistor) display

        • Vibrant and crisp images of the various coffee drink selection
        • Rotary dial will scroll on screen to programme your coffee and cleaning regiment

        Large Water Chamber

        • Fills to 1.89 Liters for dozens of espresso shots before needing to be refilled
        • Convenient location on side of machine

        Professional Thermoblock

        • Thermoblock is a 1450 watt heating system alongside a 15 bars pressure system

        Height and width-adjustable coffee spout

        • Allows different sized cups not only in height but also width for when making two cups at once

        Customizable coffee settings

        • Choose your coffee strength, amount of water and temperature all at the touch of a button
        • Choose from 11 different coffee drinks

        Bypass doser

        • Use pre ground coffee powder instead of the grinder and the machine automatically knows without any special adjustments

        Integrated rinsing, cleaning and descaling program

        • One touch cleaning and maintenance

        Large Capacity Spent Grind Chamber

        • Machine will alert you when it’s time to dump the tray

        Who is the Jura J90 for?

        The main difference between the J90 and the other Impressa models is the design. If you are not a fan of the glossy black look and like something slightly more understated, then this machine is for you.

        If the style is of no concern to you, but the quality of the coffee is, then you won’t be disappointed with the J90.

        It’s no surprise that the coffee is excellent with any Jura model. The J90 is no exception.

        If you want High Street coffee shop quality espressos, cappuccinos and lattes all at the touch of a button, you would be wise to invest in the J90.

        Features of the Jura J90

        There are two main features of the J90 that contribute to the high quality of the coffee.

        The Aroma+ grinder and the 15 bars pressure.

        The way the coffee is ground and treated before being subjected to the pressurized steam has as much to do with how the coffee will come out as anything.

        The new grinder features a different angle of the cone which grinds the coffee beans to maximize surface area. More surface area means more oils can be extracted.

        A bonus to the new cone angle is that the grinder also takes half the time to grind and is very quiet.

        After the coffee is ground, it goes through a pre infusion phase in which the grinds are soaked briefly in hot water. This begins the process of extraction so when the water is forced through the grinds, more of the oils come with it.

        Then the system forces the hot water through with 15 bars of pressure. That’s about the same pressure in most professional espresso machines that run in the 10’s of thousands in price.

        That results in a coffee whose quality is apparent even before you take your first sip. When you see the light brown color of the crema, you know you are about to imbibe a rich, satisfying shot of espresso.

        To make a milk based coffee drink, it is also as simple as pressing a button. And with all the customizations available you can have your coffee exactly how you like it every time.

        Simply select the coffee drink you like from the incredibly detailed TFT display and place your cup under the spout. You can adjust the density of the foam with a dial located on the spout as the froth is being issued. This is ideal for making layered milk and coffee lattes.

        The coffee will come out of the same spout so you don’t have to move the cup away during the process. Walk away from the machine and come back when it is done.

        The TFT display not only shows crisp and realistic images of the coffees, but it allows you to scroll through the settings to personalize your coffee.

        You can control how strong the coffee is by how much water and grinds are used. Some like it hot, so you can also control the temperature of the water when it is brewed.

        If you only want an espresso, then there is a dedicated spout for just coffee in front. The spouts are height and width adjustable for making a lungo or for double espressos.

        Unique to Jura is the fact that you can make a double shot of espresso without having to go through two grinds. You can select the setting for a grind of 16 grams of coffee and go for a double by placing two cups below the spout.

        Maintaining the Jura J90 is as easy as making the coffee. You will be alerted to when the machine needs to be descaled. Since you can programme your water hardness, the machine will determine the best time to descale and alert you when it is time.

        The system flushes itself after every use to keep it at peak performance. Occasionally you will be required to drop in a cleaning tablet for a deep cleaning system flush. As usual, you will be alerted by the machine when it is time for that.

        Final Thoughts on the Jura J90

        A minor change to an already great line up of stellar automatic coffee machines may not seem like a big deal. But, if the only thing keeping you from going with a Jura bean-to-cup coffee machine was the design, then this one change might make all the difference.

        An understated silver design is just the pretty face that surrounds the inner workings of a truly magnificent machine. Jura coffee machines are best in class and are very difficult to beat when compared pound for pound.

        The Jura J90 takes all of the best features of its predecessors and simply packages it in a different skin.

        Take advantage of Jura’s attention to every detail and see how superb a shot of espresso made in the comfort of your home can be!