Jura E6 Automatic Coffee Machine Review










        • Aroma+ Grinder
        • Very hot espresso
        • TFT (Thin Film Transistor) display
        • Large Water Chamber
        • Customizable and savable settings
        • Fine Froth Technology
        • Coffee Strength Programs
        • Energy Saving Mode
        • Easy to Set Up and Use
        • Wireless Capability


        • Low milk temperature

        What is one supposed to do when one wants a perfect espresso in the time it takes to make a capsule pod coffee?

        You live a busy life and don’t have much time to pull a perfectly brewed espresso every morning. To say nothing about frothing milk for a cappuccino.

        The answer is actually very simple.

        Try a Jura E6 bean-to-cup coffee maker. It takes no more time to make an espresso nonpareil than to pop in a capsule and pretend that it is just as good as a real espresso.

        With the press of a button you can have expertly ground, tamped and brewed espresso with that tell-tale little coda di topo, akak mouse tail. The crema floating sublimely on top of the espresso indicates a brew to savor.

        Do you get that same feeling from a capsule?

        If not then read on for my review of the Jura E6. I think at the end you will realize that you can have a decadent coffee for almost no effort.

        Features of the Jura E6

        Aroma+ Grinder

        Your coffee can now be ground in half the time due to the new Aroma+ grinder. If the noise of burr grinders was a concern for you, then you will be happy to know that they have also made it one of the quietest grinders in the bean-to-cup market.

        More importantly, the flavor of the coffee has been vastly improved with the different cutting angle of the grinder. More oils can be extracted and without heating the bean during the process. Pre-infusing the grounds also helps extract more aroma from the beans.

        TFT Display

        The new display looks crisp and engaging. It is also very user friendly making operation of the Jura E6 intuitive and simple.

        With the rotary dial you can scroll through all of the options for your coffee preferences.

        The display will also show you alerts when you need to clean the machine or even when your water chamber is low, or for when the filter needs to be changed.

        Coffee Strength Programs

        Whatever your preferences are for your ideal coffee, you can personalize it with the Jura E6.

        The dose of the coffee will be adjusted according to how strong you like your coffee. Save the settings and enjoy a coffee just how you like it every time with the press of a button.

        Customizable Coffees

        How many times has your favorite coffee house gotten your order wrong? You order it the same way everyday, yet, it isn’t always the same.

        That will never happen when you customize your settings for your coffee with the Jura E6. How hot you like your coffee, how strong and how much milk you like can all be set up in your preferences and saved.

        Name your coffee so all you have to do is press a button to serve up a consistent cup of your favorite drink.

        Fine Foam Technology

        Without ever needing to touch a steaming wand, you can have exactly the type of frothed milk you like.

        From fine foam to light and airy, you decide how you like it and let the Jura E6 handle the rest.

        Whether you’re making a latte, flat white, cappuccino or a hot chocolate, the texture needs to be different for each. Just uses the TFT display to scroll through the settings and pick the texture of the milk for each.

        JURA Smart Connect

        Controlling the E6 automatic coffee machine via a smartphone or tablet is now possible thanks to new JURA technology.

        Though the Smart Connect device needs to be purchased separately, you can use it to communicate between your smartphone and the E6.

        Want your favorite coffee ready for you when you walk through the door? Simply tap the selection of your favorite drink on your app and your E6 will make it exactly how you like it. You can even control the other settings, such as temperature and milk texture, without changing the settings on your machine in case you want it a bit different.

        The makers of the Jura series of coffee machines understand that coffee fanatics are a particular lot and are very precise about their coffee. With that in mind they went to great lengths to produce a machine with the kind of technology required to satisfy just about any type of coffee drinker.

        But, how is the coffee

        The coffee is as good or better than any coffee you will get from a High Street coffee house. Once you have the settings perfected, you will be hard pressed to make a better coffee than what you will get from the Jura E6.

        There are many grind and brew coffee machines at a much higher price that brew superb coffee. But, there are not many that allow you to customize your coffee in the way that the Jura series machines do.

        It doesn’t matter how high the quality of the brew is from another machine. If you have a preference that isn’t being met, it will fail in comparison.

        In addition, the technology employed is designed to extract as much of the essence of the beans you are using as possible.

        The PEP technology is unique to Jura and allows for incredible extraction of flavor from the beans. At 15 bars of pressure it is on the same par as professional machines. The pulsing of the steam through the grinds helps the bean release more of its essential oils. That makes a very rich shot of espresso.

        Even the grinder itself has been upgraded with a different angle making a huge difference in how the coffee is made.

        If you can criticise the Jura E6 in any way, it’s to say that the milk could be frothed and issued a bit hotter. That is a common issue among all grind and brew coffee machines, it seems.

        Another drawback for some is the fact that there is no option to use pre ground coffee. It goes without saying that when you use whole beans and grind them fresh to order your coffee is miles away from the powdered stuff. But, for whatever reason one might have to use the powder, it simply is not an option with the Jura E6.

        How to get the most out of your Jura E6

        The best thing you can do to make sure your machine is always running efficiently and that you are enjoying the best espresso every time is to run the cleaning feature when the machine prompts you.

        Don’t worry about maintenance being a hassle.

        The Jura E6 does all the work for you. All you have to do is drop in a tablet and press a button to begin the cleaning and descaling cycle.

        You don’t even need to remember to do it as the Jura will prompt you when the time comes with a message on the display that it is time to run the cleaning.

        Also at the end of each day, if you have been using the milk frother, remember to run a good flushing of the frothing nozzle. And always wash your hose with warm soapy water to remove any milk remnants from it.

        That’s really all there is to maintaining your Jura!

        The Pros of the Jura E6

        Aroma+ Grinder

        Grinds beans in half the time, more quietly and extracts more flavor

        Very hot espresso

        Espresso is delivered at around 83 degrees

        TFT (Thin Film Transistor) display

        Looks great and is very easy to understand

        Large Water Chamber

        Fills to 1.89 Liters for dozens of espresso shots before needing to be refilled
        Convenient location on side of machine

        Customizable and savable settings

        Name your favorite coffee and save the settings for easy, one-touch dispensing

        Pulse Extraction Process, aka PEP

        Uses 15 bar pressure to pre-infuse the grinds for maximum extraction

        Coffee Strength Programs

        Four different settings allow for customizing your preferred coffee strength

        Energy Saving Mode

        Switches off automatically after a set period of time

        Easy to Set Up and Use

        Out of the box set up takes only a few minutes to customize your settings. After you’ve saved your settings, everything happens with the press of a button.

        Wireless Capability

        The “JURA Smart Connect” accessory (sold separately) uses Bluetooth communication to connect the machine to compatible devices allowing you to wirelessly operate and program the machine

        The Cons of the Jura E6

        Low Milk Temperature

        Common with automatic frothers, the temperature of the milk is not very hot.

        Final Thoughts on the Jura E6

        I began this article talking about capsule coffee makers. I hope after reading you can see how it makes much more sense to use a jura E6 than to go with a pod.

        Your coffee will be much better in terms of quality and will actually cost less than a pod. Depending on how much your beans cost per kilo, you will be likely spending about a fourth of the cost of a pod.

        I know what you’re thinking. What about the high price of the machine? Of course the Jura E6 is hundreds more than any Nespresso style machine. They are built to last a long time, however. When you consider how much the coffee is with a pod machine, your Jura will pay for itself in time.

        While you are waiting to break even on your investment, you will be sipping on an superb espresso satisfied that you made the right choice!